Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bumpdate: 16 Weeks

16 Weeks!
Baby is currently the size of an AVOCADO!

Next Appointment: I'm SO excited for our anatomy scan on 11/25!  

Gender: We're adding more BLUE to our family!  Check out our reveal photo.

Total Weight Gain: I got the whole scoop at my appointment on Monday!  I'm up a total of 3lbs (as of 16w4d).  I didn't realize that I actually lost a pound early on but that doesn't surprise me since I was so nauseous and had no appetite!  

Maternity Clothes: I'll be honest, I wore two maternity shirts!  I didn't need to but I just LOVE how long and comfy they are!  Plus I got a really cute one on clearance at Old Navy and I feel like it doesn't "look" maternity and I love to wear new clothes right away!

Sleep: I've been extra sleepy lately!  You'd think I was still in the first trimester.  I feel the urge to go to bed super early and I never want to wake up in the morning (who does, though)!

Movement: I'm waiting very patiently (not really) to feel Baby2 dancing around again.  Occasionally I'll feel some flutters, but nothing like that dance party at 15w!  I'm so excited for consistent movement! 

Food Cravings/Aversions: This week I was definitely craving cheese and crackers.  So random!  One night the only thing that sounded good for dinner was cheese and crackers!  Luckily my amazing husband ran to the store while I was feeding Carson his dinner.  Since then, I've had cheese and crackers many more times yum!  As far as aversions, I'm still not loving the idea of meat but I was at least able to cook some ground turkey for my poor husband!

Best Moment This WeekHearing Baby2's strong little heart beat on the doppler!  150bpm. <3

What I MissNothing big that I'm missing this week!

What I'm Looking Forward ToI'm so excited I only have to wait 2 weeks until my next appointment...which is also the anatomy scan!  I am also excited to start feeling Baby2 move around more!

Extra Notes From the Week: The doctor noticed my blood pressure was higher this week.  (When not pregnant, I take medication for essential hypertension.)  During my pregnancy with Carson my blood pressure lowered enough that I was able to get off all medications.  Dr. G compared my blood pressure now to my blood pressure at this point during my last pregnancy and it was significantly higher.  She said she's not worried yet, but it's "concerning".  Especially since I've been having a steady stream of headaches.  I've already been monitoring it at home but I need to keep a log and bring it to my next appointment.  Depending on the log and my reading at the office, I may need to get on medication.  Cross your fingers I don't!  


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  1. Fingers crossed that you don't need to go on any medication! I can't wait to meet this baby boy!

    So... cheese and crackers? Like saltine's and American cheese?!