Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October/November Goals

Here's a look at how I did with my October goals:

1. Read 1.5 books.  Semi-success.  I completed one book and started another but I'm not really halfway through yet.  The book I finished, Defending Jacob, was really good and even had a twist at the end.  The one thing I didn't like about it is that was WAY longer than it needed to be!  The author went on and on about little details that were meaningless to the plot (in my opinion).  I still consider it a good book, though!

2. Go Green at the grocery!  Semi-success again.  I go to the grocery store about once every week which means four times a month.  In October I remembered to use my reusable grocery bags 2/4 times.  Initially I was keeping them in the house and I almost always forgot them so I moved them to my car.  The problem with that is that I keep them in the trunk area with the stroller....which I never use at the grocery store!  I think I need to start keeping them with my cart cover!

3. Go on a date with my hubby!  FAIL...again!  We did have a night without Carson while we were in a wedding on October 11th but we haven't had a special date night for the two of us in SOOOO long!

4. Try a new recipe.  Success!  I tried a new soup recipe that I'll be sharing with you all very soon!

5. Try out a new story time or a new park with Carson.  Success x 2!  We visited a new park AND a new story time!  It's starting to get too cold to try new parks so I'm glad we did this while the weather was still decent.  I'm looking forward to more story times during the colder months, though!

Now onto new goals!

November Goals

1. Read 1.5 books.  I'm keeping this goal since I almost met it last month.  Just for a 2013 goal update, I'm on my 14th book and my goal was 25 books for the year.  Unless I start counting the hundreds of picture & board books I read on a daily basis, I think I might not reach my goal.  Womp womp!

2. Start pinning ideas for Carson's big boy room.  It seems silly that I need to make this a goal, but I keep putting it off because it makes me sad to think Carson is going to be getting a new room soon!  Whenever we move (someone buy our house!) Carson will be getting a new room no matter what.  If we end up staying in this house, Carson will probably move to the guest room so Baby2 can take over the nursery.  It's hard to think of ideas when I don't know if we'll be here or somewhere else!

3. Go on a date with my hubby!  I'm adding this one again since I've failed so many months in a row now.  I think we need to make a point to do something with just the two of us....hopefully a movie because I'm craving one of the sandwiches that our dinner theater serves!  :)

4. Save more money with coupons.  I used to be SO good with my coupons!  Now I have about 3-4 coupon insert packets that I haven't even gone through yet.  I need to set time aside during nap time or after Carson goes to bed to cut and organize coupons and then make my grocery list accordingly.  I also need to try to use the coupons that I can load onto my store loyalty card!

5. Visit somewhere new with Carson.  Last month we had fun exploring a new park and checking out a new story time.  This month I want to do something else new.  I'm not sure what the weather will be like so that's why this is a vague goal.  Maybe we'll do another new story time, maybe a park, maybe something through our city's rec center...who knows!



  1. I'm impressed!!! I can't seem to make it through a book I started before Liam was born!

  2. I finally (after many months of wanting to) did a goals posts thanks to seeing yours!