Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Friday!

I'm excited to link up for 5 on Friday for the first time today!
The weather here in Ohio has been AMAZING!  I'm a summer girl and love warm weather.  Low 80's in October is my dream!  I can't even complain about the rain because the sun and warmth more than make up for it!

I can't get enough of spying on my little man when he is supposed to be sleeping.  I am so blessed and he is SO good at entertaining himself before he falls asleep (and even after sometimes)!  I've caught him reading so many times, but I love it more each time!

It's October which means it's Halloween month!  I am such a slacker this year and I don't have any fun outfits for Carson except for some cute skeleton jams I bought off a friend.  Check out these throwback pictures from last year!

Is it dumb that I wish I had somewhere to take these?  So cute and so easy!  I was going to do this with my kindergartners one year but we had a few kids who didn't celebrate Halloween!

I can't get enough of these three.  Carson really loves our pups!  They aren't super snuggly with him because he's a little too rambunctious, but they are very good sports!  :)



  1. My lo loves oranges and I think I'm going to do this just for her everyday snack!

  2. Yay glad to see you're linking up with Five on Friday. It's so much fun. I love reading everyone's posts!

    Seeing your baby "read" to themselves is just about the CUTEST to thing ever and I can't get over it either. I'll give my daughter a book when we get into the car and she'll "read" to herself in her car seat. My heart just can't take it!

  3. Pictures like that make me wish we had a video monitor SO badly! I would love to see what she does in her room when we aren't watching ;)