Thursday, October 31, 2013

Foam Fun for Tots in the Tub!

*-*Happy Halloween!*-*  

Today I'm sharing a simple little craft you can make for your kids.  But first, here's a sneak peak of Carson's Halloween costume.  Hopefully I'll have some more pictures to share after trick or treat tonight!

I originally saw this idea here and thought it was so cute!  Not only is this a fun activity, it's CHEAP!  I bought more foam than I needed for less than $2.  

What You Need:
2 sheets of foam, orange & black (I bought the 12x18 size at Michael's)
*optional: pencil

How to Make:
First cut out your pumpkin.  You can do this by eye or you can lightly sketch a pumpkin onto the foam with a pencil.
Next, cut your jack-o-lantern face shapes.  I did a Google image search for "jack-o-lantern" faces and just borrowed a few of those ideas.  (That's how not creative I was that day, ha!)  Make sure to make plenty of options for eyes, nose, and mouth!
Finally, get the shapes wet and let your toddler create a masterpiece!


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