Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Picasso Pumpkin {Easy Toddler Craft}

I love doing crafts with Carson and I really love doing crafts that I can save for years to come!  Holiday arts and crafts are fun because you can get them back out and use as a little decoration each year!

This craft is SUPER easy and SUPER cheap.  A+, right?

What You Need
Orange paper (I used scrapbook paper I had in my stash.  You could also have your tot finger paint or water color some white paper orange!)
Jack-o-lantern stickers (or you can make your own!) - I found mine for $1 at Walmart.

How to Make
1.  Cut your paper into the shape of a pumpkin (don't forget the stem).  I colored the stem brown with a marker.
2. Give your toddler the stickers to place on the pumpkin.  I suggest giving one sticker at a time! :)
Tip: Since Carson was only 17 months during this project, I pointed in a general direction on the pumpkin to give him an idea of where to place each sticker.  He followed my directions pretty good except for one eye....which is what makes it a Picasso pumpkin!

Use any extra stickers as accessories!  Carson is STILL carrying around this witch hat days after we completed our project. :)



  1. So cute. I'll have to remember this for when E gets a little bigger.

  2. This is adorable! I can't wait until Kenley can do crafts! She just learned to scribble with a crayon yesterday - so I think we're close. :)