Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Frankenstein Footprint Craft

I love doing little crafts during the holidays with Carson so that a.) I can save them and b.) I can use them for festive holiday decor!

This is what I did last year for October:

I wanted to do something a little different this year but I was hoping to find a footprint craft so I could compare the size of his prints!  I saw this Frankenstein idea on Pinterest and I thought it was too cute!

This craft is pretty self-explanatory, but in case you are intimidated, here are some step by steps! :)

What You Need:
white paper (I used a piece of cardstock)
green paint (I just used an acrylic I already had)
paint brush or foam brush
black marker
"googly" eyes or white paint
wipes or wet paper towel for clean-up!
*Optional: ribbon & glue/tape for embellishment

How to Make:

  1. Get your paper ready and do a few test footprints without paint.  I put Carson in his highchair with a snack and put the paper on a clipboard so I would have a hard surface under it.
  2. Paint the bottom of your child's foot (one at a time!) with the green paint.  Just a thin layer will suffice but make sure to get the entire foot and the toes!
  3. Bring the paper to your child's foot and press the foot onto the paper.  Make sure to gently press on each of the toes to get a good print!
  4. Clean your cutie's foot and repeat steps 2-3 with the other foot!
  5. Once your child's prints have dried, you can add any embellishments you want.  I used a sharpie for the "screws" and stitched mouths.  For the eyes I just glued on some gooly eyes I had but you could also do some white paint with a black dot in the center.
  6. Optional: Title your masterpiece!  I typed mine up on the computer in a creepy font and then mounted it and embellished with some coordinating ribbon.  
Have fun!  Make sure to share your craft with me if you try this!

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  1. A clipboard....DUH! Sometimes I read other people's ideas and I'm like, why didn't I think of that. Seriously, genius!