Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Dream Bed!

Who here LOVES their bedroom?  Most people I talk to at least like their bedroom, but have a little (or long) list of things they would do to make it better.  I actually really do like our bedroom.  When we first moved in over 8 years ago, it was a different story!  But in the past 8.5 years, we've chosen a soothing paint color, bought "big kid" furniture (an actual set!), installed a ceiling fan (with remote!), and put up some insulated black-out curtains.  I love that our bedroom has vaulted ceilings, but still feels cozy.  Our bed is super comfortable.  The one thing I would change about our room is our bedding!  I'm not one to splurge on bedding, but I love having a few different styles to change the look of our room.  Right now I have a quilt that we use for the warmer months and a down comforter with 3-4 duvet covers for the cooler months.  I love what we have, but I feel like we need to update a bit!  Who doesn't love getting new bedding?!

Here's a look at our bedroom now.  This is our summer "quilt"/bedspread. is currently having a sale on Lush Decor items!  They have an amazing selection and I'm thinking it might be the perfect opportunity to spruce up our bedroom!  [Now, who wants to help me convince the husband?!]  The Lush Decor Sale at started TODAY so hurry over and see what would fit your bedroom best!  I picked a few of my favorite bedding choices from to share with you guys:

Lush Gray Modern Chic Comforter Set

Lush Purple Lake Como Comforter Set

Lush White Venetian Comforter Set

Don't forget to head over now to check out the sale before they sell out!


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