Monday, December 31, 2012

Au Revoir 2012! [Picture Overload]

2012 was such a great year for so many reasons!  Here are some of the highlights from this past year for me.....

In January we celebrated the New Year with some of our closest friends.  It was exciting to know we were only 5 months away from meeting Carson!  We'll be celebrating the new year again tonight with some of the same friends!

In February we made our maiden voyage to IKEA to get some of Carson's nursery furniture!  I can't believe I've had the willpower not to go back 100 times.  Luckily it's almost 2 hours away otherwise I'd be there way too often.

In March some of my best friends showered me with love to celebrate Carson's upcoming arrival!  Did I mention one of my best friends was due 2 weeks after me?!  So fun.

In April both buildings where I taught hosted showers in my honor and so did my family!

 I may have mentioned this before...maybe not.  In May, my amazingly wonderful son was born!  He changed my life forever and I'm thankful every day!  We also celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary!

Also in May, one of my best friends got married!!

In June, my friend who was due 2 weeks after me had her baby girl!

We also celebrated Nick's first Father's Day in June!

In July, Nick & I celebrated our birthdays and we took Carson on his first road trip!  We went to Michigan for our annual family reunion at my Dad's lake cottage.

Carson was also baptized in July!

 In August, we introduced Carson to the Buckeye lifestyle and kicked off our 12-0 season!  (I also went back to work and Carson started daycare.)

In September, I was crazy busy and stressed with work so there weren't many special events.  We did celebrate my mom's birthday, but I have no pictures! :(  I got lots of extra snuggles with Carson in the evenings after work and Carson also found his feet that month!  We also had a lot of fun with bath time (and still do)!

In October we visited the pumpkin patch that Nick & I go to every year.  This time we got to take Carson and he wasn't very impressed (ha)!  It was a super windy day, too!  I think he'll have more fun next year!

Carson also celebrated his first Halloween in October AND got his first haircut!

In November we hosted our second Thanksgiving dinner at our house!

Carson had his 6 month well visit and at that time, he was sitting unsupported and standing with support!  

December was a busy month for us!  We took our first family vacation to the beach.  (Post on our vacation coming soon!)

Carson met Santa in December, too!

We also celebrated Carson's first Christmas!

Finally, Carson got to check out his first big snow in Ohio!

We had a great 2012 and I'm looking forward to an even more exciting 2013!

Happy New Year, friends!


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