Thursday, February 6, 2014

February Goals Update

At the beginning of the year I started a 2014 goals list.  Instead of doing monthly goals, I decided to have an open-ended list that I can work on and add to throughout the year.  I'm planning on doing updates at the beginning of each month to hold myself accountable!  

2014 Goals

{oneRead 15 books.
As of February I have completed 2 books and I'm working on my third (and fourth).  Does anyone else read two books at a time?  It's confusing but I find it SO hard to give up on a book.  Here are the books I finished (click on pic to get more info):

{twoAttend at least 1 organized activity per week with Carson before Mason's arrival!
-I signed Carson up for a super fun gymnastics class at our local community center.  The first class was canceled due to weather.  We went to the second class and he had SO much fun.  Then the third class was canceled because of electrical problems in the gym.  THEN the fourth class was canceled again due to weather.  I was so bummed!  At that point the director called me to say they were offering refunds or a spot in their March session.  Since we're moving I decided to just get a refund.  Luckily I found another class closer to our new house that starts in late February - I can't wait!
-Carson started swim lessons this week and I'm so happy!  He took them last winter and it was a lot of fun to get in the water during these cold months so I'm excited to do it again.
-We've also been regularly attending library story times and we went to one book store story time.  

-We also attended a "Mommy and Me" movie at one of our local theaters.  I was shocked at how well Carson did!  He rarely is interested in TV at home and we've never attempted a movie.  I decided to try it out because for 2 tickets, a child sized popcorn and a child sized drink, our total was $4.50!  I figured I wouldn't be wasting much money if we had to leave early.  We saw Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 and Carson made it through the whole movie!  (And the whole box of popcorn that we shared!) 

{threeStrengthen my relationship with the Lord.
I've been reading a book by Beth Moore that has a daily devotional with a short prayer and scripture reading.  I really like that it's a quick read each day and gives me time to think about the scripture.  I also like that it's scheduled out for me so it's something easy I can do every day!

{fourSend more snail mail!  (At least one per month.)
I sent my Christmas thank you notes, but I'm not sure that would count!  :)  I also sent a card and a few small gifts to some of my friends.  I love getting fun mail so I'm sure others do too!

{fiveGo on one date per month (on average) with the hubster.  
No luck so far.  My mom is coming to babysit this weekend so we can go out to dinner with a group of friends.  I'm still craving that husband-wife only date, though!  We've just been busy with house stuff and when we have to get a sitter for that, I feel guilty getting a sitter again for a date (even though the sitters are always Carson's grandmas and they LOVE it)! 


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