Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Puffy Paint Polar Bear

What You Need:
  • Elmer's Glue
  • Shaving Cream (I just used the cheap Barbasol)
  • white paper
  • Optional: pink paper, black paper, googly eyes, black paint, glitter
How to Make:
  1. Prepare your "canvas" by cutting 3 circles: one large, 2 small.  Attach the two smaller circles on the top to create the polar bear's head and ears.
  2. Mix even amounts of glue and shaving cream to create your puffy paint.  I also added some glitter into my mixture, but it didn't end up being very visible once the paint dried.
  3. Give your child a paint brush and let them go to town painting their polar bear.  Carson loved the feeling of the puffy paint!
  4. Once the bear head is dry, you can add your embellishments.  I cut out little pink half circles for the ears and a black piece for the nose.  I also used googly eyes and added some black paint under the nose.  I attached all embellishments with the Elmer's glue I used for the project.  Carson loves feeling the bear now that it's dry, too!


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