Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Recap

We had a fairly uneventful Valentine's Day this year, but it was still full of love!  I tell my husband and Carson every day just how much I love them, but I like to do something a little more on special days like Valentine's Day.  It's fun!  

Here's a look at what Nick walked in the door to see.  Carson picked out the balloon for him at the grocery store and was SO excited about it!  :)

I borrowed this cute and corny idea for Valentine treats from eighteen25 and Nick loved it!  For some reason I couldn't get their labels to print so I just created my own on Word.  The labels say "DONUT what I'd do without a HUNK like you", "You are all that and a can of CHIPS" (I had to modify that one since he likes Pringles, haha!), "So Glad You're My STUD MUFFIN", and "I'm NUTS about you".  Like I said, corny but cute!

Carson got a fun heart shaped lunch that day...flatbread with hummus, cheese, and grapes.  Too bad we didn't open the cute Valentine's plate from his Memaw before lunch!  :)

When Nick got home that evening we opened gifts.  Carson had one from his Memaw and one from us.  He loves opening presents and cards!

He found the most challenging way to open the envelope: rip it to shreds!  Haha!

This is the backpack he got from us.  As soon as he figured out where the zipper was he loaded it up with balls and trucks.  Such a boy.  :)

Nick brought me home some of my favorite flowers, a pack of Reese's Valentine hearts (YUM!), and a super sweet card.  He said he felt bad that I went all out but I don't think he realizes how much I appreciate the thought he put into my gifts!  :)

I also did a little mini photo shoot with Carson on Valentine's Day just for fun.  He's a tough model these days but we got a few cute shots!



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