Friday, February 28, 2014

Helpful Moving Tips

Since we're moving early next week (closing today!), I thought I would share some helpful moving tips!  Maybe I should have waited until after the move, but hopefully everything will go smoothly!

{oneBefore you move: Recruit friends and family to start collecting boxes for you before your move!  You will most likely need more boxes than you think and nobody wants to spend money on boxes!  Also start donating or selling items that you won't use at your new house.  This will cut down on the stuff you need to pack/move/unpack and it will also reduce clutter at your new house!  I made quite a bit of cash selling stuff on our local Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook page!

{two} Even though I just said nobody wants to spend money on boxes, spend money on a just few boxes!  :)  I bought some special "glass pack" boxes for our crystal and everyday glass drinkware as well as a "dish saver" box for our china, and a wardrobe box for my dresses.  The special glass boxes came with foam wrapping to protect our crystal and china which is worth it to me!  Plus we can save the box for storage or pass it on to a friend when they move!  I also bought a small wardrobe box for my dresses.  I folded the majority of my clothes and put them in boxes but I really didn't want my dresses to get all wrinkled!

{threePack an overnight bag with some daily essentials for the next day.  After all of the moving, you probably won't want to dig through boxes to find the things you need to get ready, or even food to eat.  Packing a light bag with some things to get you through the next morning/afternoon will help you feel less flustered!  (Especially if you have kids!)

{fourIf you are taking any furniture apart, keep the small parts in a labeled baggie.  This will make it so much easier when you go to put the furniture back together at your new house!  Make sure to label the baggies!  Keep all of the baggies together or (if possible), tape them to the furniture pieces they belong to!

{fiveDon't move while pregnant!  Haha, this wasn't really possible for us.  We wanted to get closer to Nick's work and we figured moving with one child would be easier than moving with two.  (Which I still think is true!)  The only problem with moving while pregnant is that I get SO tired and I'm not supposed to lift heavy things (especially since apparently I'm already progressing...).  I also have wanted to nest for months and haven't been able to do much!

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  1. So true! These are great. Definitely spend money on the boxes!

  2. GREAT advice! I'm going to pin this. :) We have an offer in on a short who knows when the bank will come back, but I'm hoping it's before May. Collecting boxes now is something I would have never thought of!