Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Toddler Valentine Crafts

Recently Carson and I worked on some crafts for Valentine's Day.  You know I love a good keepsake and it was also a great opportunity to make some cards for our loved ones!

Carson was also pretty excited.  He loves painting!

For this first project, I cut out a heart template and used painter's tape to secure it to a piece of red paper.  Then I let Carson go to town with white paint and a little sponge roller!  [Scroll down to see pictures of the process.]

Carson used a custom heart stamper to create this masterpiece.  We used these instructions to make our super fancy heart stamp from a recycled toilet paper roll!  :)

Here are some pictures of Carson creating his masterpieces.  (We used scrap paper to cut out the brown hearts which he decorated with Bingo markers for his grandmas!)

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  1. Seriously, HOW do you get him to do these without it being a giant mess?! EVERY craft we've tried is just a disaster and ends up stressing me out way more than it is fun. Oye!

    1. Charlotte, It's HARD! That's why I keep him confined to the high chair for crafts. :) Usually he still makes a big mess but I always keep paper towels and baby wipes right there so I can wipe away messes as we work.