Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Craft for the Kiddos

When I was looking for a cute craft to do with Carson for Spring/Easter, I checked Pinterest.  (Is there anywhere else to check?!)  I like to include handprints/footprints in his little art projects so that we can compare next year when we pull these masterpieces back out!  I've blogged about a few I've done in the past like Carson's handprint turkey for Thanksgiving or his footprint reindeer for Christmas!

What You Need
White paper (or another light color)
Paint of your choice, I chose a bright, sunny yellow
Googly eyes or a black sharpie to draw eyes
Orange paper (I used scraps)
Feathers [optional]

How to Make

  1. Prep your white paper by lightly sketching the chick's body.  I just did a big oval.  
  2. Paint your child's hands (one at a time) with the paint color you chose.  "Stamp" their hands onto either side of the chick body you drew.  I chose to do thumbs up on both sides. 
  3. Clean up your child QUICK before you have paint everywhere.  I'm a little OCD so these projects are always a test for me!  Next you need to fill in your chick body with paint.
  4. Once the paint is dry, you can add your embellishments.  I used some scrap orange paper to cut out legs and a beak.  I also added a few googly eyes.  {Other Options: feathers, a bow or bowtie, background like sun/clouds/flowers, etc.}
  5. Once my chick was fully embellished (doesn't that sound fancy?!) I mounted the white paper on some cardstock and added a little "Happy Easter" sign with the date.  If you're doing this craft with an older child, challenge them to write their name and the year! :)

Let me know if you attempt this project!  It was pretty easy and I think the result is so cute! 

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